Ground Drone Project: A versatile mobile robotic platform

Re-invented robotic mobility to conquer stairs, bumps and more! The ground robotic revolution is here! Get a platform while they last!

Ground-drone : noun \grau̇nd-drōn\

 A versatile mobile robotic platform

1 : An unmanned ground vehicle with superior urban and rural mobility.

2: A ground robotic vehicle that uses Articulated Traction Control Technology as a means of mobility.

We want to lower the cost of ground based drone development for hobbyists and roboticists alike. Ground Drone is a highly mobile robotic platform capable of stair-climbing.  You add value with your own control electronics and customizations to create the project or product of your dreams.

Help us bring this technology to everyone!

Here are some of our projects to spark your imagination . . .

Gopro Mount and LED Lights

The Story

The toughest obstacle in building a robotic project is the chassis. A lot of us want to focus on the cool electronics and programming components. However, the available chassis are either too small, or ultra expensive. Further more, current available robotic platform kits can’t leave a controlled environment.


In order for a robot to be useful in our world, it must climb stairs. This is an extremely hard problem and as a result, makers spend most of their time trying to solve this problem instead of focusing on their creative and innovative ideas.


For more detail: Ground Drone Project: A versatile mobile robotic platform

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