Personalized Mobile Gaming Experience | No Connection Required | Compatible with Fortnite & PUBG

As avid mobile gamers of Fortnite and PUBG, we always crave more accurate aiming, better field of view and flexible multi-control. But we know that it’s hard to satisfy all our needs by using our mobile device only. Typical gamepads can be used, but are usually quite bulky, making them difficult to take on the go and most of them also require complex or extra setup and install.

That’s why we developed Wasp, a one-handed gamepad for iPhone that takes your mobile gaming to the next level with unparalleled ergonomics, easy installation, and super portability.


Wasp utilizes Flydigi’s patented CapAir Mapping technology which

  • Simulates human hand touch by sending a capacitive signal
  • Does not require any connection or additional activation steps (e.g. No Bluetooth or wire connection needed).
  • Support games downloaded from the App Store. Just simply plug your iPhone into Wasp and you’re all set.

Joystick and button operation on left hand side are designed to provide added sensitivity and full utilization of press and swipe, enabling better accuracy, more flexibility when aiming and running. You can easily and intuitively achieve multi-control easily using a combination of thumbs and index fingers at the same time.

Original touch control on right hand side is maintained, following the typical game control features so that gamers could easily adapt to Wasp. The advanced connection technology also allows you to play games and control your battle with Wasp without hesitation, lag or delay.


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