Flashing a Nixie with an Arduino

I’m starting to source parts for my nixie tube experiments. I’m in the very early stages of prototyping a nixie clock. My Breakout Boards were a bust, but that’s not stopping me from pushing on with the nixie-tinkering.Flashing a Nixie with an Arduino

When it comes to resistors, it’s so much cheaper to buy in bulk. It’ll take me a lifetime to use up these 3.3K, 4.7K, 27K, and 33K resistors, but when you buy a bag of 100 from Digi-Key, they’re only 3 cents a piece.

I already have the IN-12s I’ll be using for the clock, I just needed to order some IN-3s to serve as colons. The eBay seller swears these are new-old-stock. I was surprised to see have brown they are. Maybe that’s just what happens to them after a few decades in the box. I looked at a bunch of auctions on eBay. Pretty much all of them being sold as “new” are this brown. So I guess it’s normal.


For more detail: Flashing a Nixie with an Arduino

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