Farnell and ADI to run webcast on digital isolators

Farnell and Analog Devices are to co-host a webcast entitled ‘Simplifying System Designs Requiring Isolated Data and Isolated Power’ on Nov 30 4-5 pm CET. 
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ADI and Farnell

“Our webcast series is just one of the many ways Farnell is seeking to support customers in producing world-class designs,” said Richard Curtin, Farnell’s head of semiconductors, passives and optoelectronics products.

During the hour-long webcast, ADI applications engineer Brian Kennedy will discuss the latest digital isolator technology and its advantages over traditional optocouplers to achieve optimal performance for isolation requirements in a wide array of applications.

The webcast will comprise a 45-minute online presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. The session also will be archived after the event and can be accessed by visiting http://www.element-14.com/community/groups/technology-training-webinars   (under recent documents section).

For more detail: Farnell and ADI to run webcast on digital isolators

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