Daft Punk Coffee Table 5×5 LED Matrix using an Arduino

Yes, I know this has been done before, but I wanted to build my own, using as few parts as possible.  I built this as a table top or wall mount model, but it can be scaled up to make a coffee table.  I built it as a study for a more ambitious project, which will be an 8x8 RGB coffee table.  In designing this project, I wanted to keep the part count and cost as low as possible, and also to design the softwar ...

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Farnell and ADI to run webcast on digital isolators

Farnell and Analog Devices are to co-host a webcast entitled ‘Simplifying System Designs Requiring Isolated Data and Isolated Power’ on Nov 30 4-5 pm CET.  To register    “Our webcast series is just one of the many ways Farnell is seeking to support customers in producing world-class designs,” said Richard Curtin, Farnell’s head of semiconductors, passives and optoelectronics products. During the hour-long ...

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