The Factors Need to Be Considered When Ordering Online

1.Instant Quote

Some Online Manufacturers supply instant quote, so that people can get an approximate price for the boards they specified.In this way,the customers or the purchase team will know whether the price under their budget or not.It’s really convenient because they don’t need to contact with the sales.As i know,some online PCB Manufacturers such as allpcb,4pcb,wellpcb provide this service currently.The Factors Need to Be Considered When Ordering Online

2.Quality & Certification

As for electronic components, or pcb boards, the quality certification is very important,it should be assured strictly, so you can firstly view their website to see or ask the service center if there any quality assurance or certification.

3.Capability and Service

To order the boards online another important thing is to firm their PCB or PCBA capability,to know whether they can do manufacturing as we required or follow the gerber files and BOM files.

As for the service, if we can get both pcb prototype and pcba at One-stop service,it will save much of your time and energy to focusing on the manufacturing of your products.


As we know, except for the quality, the other most important factor is the shortest possible lead-time, which is crucial for engineers’ R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping.So usually people need to consider the manufacturers on time delivery rate more than 95% and understand their policy of any delay deliver.


Actually,the price is not the most important factor to be considered so i put it at last, because we all know the saying that Every extra penny deserves its value,you will get what you pay for.So if you want high quality with little price,i think it’s impossible. What’s more,as for the electronic things,the quality should be considered more than price.In case of the extra cost (for reprinting) and time loss of pursuing low price, I will definitely choose a proven manufacturer with assured quality even if it costs me a little high.[Link]

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