eDIP and eDIPTFT series intelligent displays speak many languages

Display with a good legibility even in non-optimal light conditions is always an advantage. When we add to it a significant simplification thanks to built-in character sets and graphic functions, we get a display of the eDIP a eDIP TFT series from company Electronic Assembly. Powerful command, touch panel and a high flexibility enable to shorten a development time to a minimum.

eDIP and eDIPTFT displays speak many languages

To an easy usability als contribute very compact dimensions with a maximized screen area. Seven built-in character sets can be displayed up to 4-times scale and by one command they can be rotated in 90Β° for a vertical display. All character sets can be modified by a β€žFont toolβ€œ utility and similarly itΒ΄s also possible to add your own sets. Commands like menu, clipboard, bargraph, draw, … enable to relatively easily create a graphic output in a combination of text+graphics. Various versions of displays feature various inner memory sized depending on a display size, sufficient for placing of many pictures and macros. The newest member of the eDIP/eDIPTFT family is the type eDIPTFT5.7 (640x480px). Natural helpers of development are evaluation boards, which we also keep in stock


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