DUO Light Computer Using Arduino

An inexpensive single board computer which connects to a composite video monitor, keyboard, and SD card.

I created the DUO Light as a low cost platform for hobbyists to create fun and useful software. The DUO Light is ideal for anyone who wants a low power computer with video output and keyboard input.

DUO Light Hardware

The DUO Light is a hybrid of the Arduino UNO and the Raspberry Pi, but costs less than each. At the heart of the DUO Light is the ATMega328, the same microcontroller as in the Arduino UNO. This chip connects to a variety of peripheral devices, including a composite video monitor and SD card (in a similar fashion to the Raspberry Pi), PS/2 keyboard, and general purpose I/O ports. The second chip onboard is a 64 KB serial SRAM, which also connects to the ATMega328.

DUO Light Computer

DUO Light Software

Each DUO Light is preinstalled with an interpreter for DUO Light bytecode (DLBC), a proprietary binary language. DLBC programs are loaded from files on the SD card and executed in SRAM. DLBC features over 90 opcodes and a robust argument system.

You can write DLBC programs using either DUO Light pseudo C or assembly. DUO Light pseudo C is a C-like language which includes many features of C and some additional features.

Pseudo C programs I have written include:

  • Mandelbrot set viewer
  • Expression calculator
  • Hex editor
  • Text editor
  • Assembler (which runs on the DUO Light!)
  • Port manipulator

The DUO Light emulator runs on Windows computers and Macs. Using the emulator helps avoid wear and tear on SD components.


For more detail: DUO Light Computer

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