DMM provides numerical and graphical displays

The DMM (digital multimeter) is a basic measurement tool for nearly every electrical engineer and many other engineers. With the push to constantly improve power efficiency in electronic designs comes a need to not only measure voltage and current, but to dynamically see them as well. Keithey’s DMM7510 combines a 7½-digit DMM with an 18-bit, 1 Msample/s digitizer, which lets you see measurements both numerically and graphically.

DMM provides numerical and graphical displays

Having the ability to see waveforms lets you uncover problems that used to require an oscilloscope. The DMM7510 also features a 5-in. capacitive touch screen. You can use gestures such as swipes and pinches to sweep though setup menus or zoom in or out of waveforms. I tried it firsthand just prior to today’s product launch, as the short video below shows.

Because it’s a DMM, the DMM7510 lets you make the measurements you expect from a bench or system meter. Measurements include:

  • DC and AC voltage and current
  • Two-wire and four-wire resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency and period
  • Temperature (thermocouple, thermistor, and RTD—3 and 4 wire)

The digitizer lets you measure voltage from 1 µV to 1010 V and current from 0.1 nA to 10.1 A.

The DMM7510’s rear panel includes LXI, USB, and GPIB ports for remote control. It also includes fuses when making current measurements, a digital I/O port, probe inputs, and a trigger input. Two additional ports lets you daisy-chain instruments together to increase measurement capacity, a handy feature if you need to automatically simultaneously measure voltage and current using two or more meters. Keithley also provides free KickStart software for controlling the instruments from a PC. The company also provides LabVIEW, IVI-C, and IVI-Com drivers. For use in automated products settings, the DMM7510 is available without handles or without a front panel.

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