DIY Arduino electric screwdriver project

Makers and hobbyists searching for a new Arduino project to keep them busy this weekend may be interested in a 3D printed DIY Arduino electric screwdriver created by “Progress Thailand”. The DIY electric screwdriver is fitted with a 9 g Micro server which has been modified for continuous rotation and connected to an Arduino Nano.

electric screwdriver

As you can see from the image above the electronics have then been housed in a 3D printed plastic casing with a small thumb joystick added to provide proportional control. Watch the video below to learn more about the DIY electric screwdriver project and how to build one.

The team at Progress Thailand explain more about their 3D printed electric screwdriver project. “Hand and power tools are cheap, reliable, and easily accessible. But their production is still done in large centralized factories. 3D printing technology and cheap, open source electronics continue to improve bringing the decentralization of manufacturing one step closer. We are experimenting with different designs to see how close current 3D printing technology can bring us to production-quality tools you can buy in the store. We’re also experimenting to see what modifications we can make to store-bought tools to enhance and customize their use.”

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