CyDuino : An Arduino Dev Board with Lots of Goodies


We (most of us) really like Arduino because it’s possible to make cheap clones, lots of libraries, examples, forum support and community out there.

Outside Arduino world, I like Cypress PSoC for some of its cool features like Graphical IDE, APIs, great features and understandable documentation.CyDuino An Arduino Dev Board with Lots of Goodies

I have bunch of PSoC® 4 CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kits.

The first half of this kit has CY7C65211 device, which is by default a programmable USB-UART serial bridge. I was thinking, maybe I can turn this part into a Arduino Porgrammer.

Bingo ! It worked, with a little bit of hack and a Uno Bootloader Atmega328P.

Arduino i.e. Atmegaxxx with Arduino Bootloader requires Rx, Tx data lines and DTR control line for uploading sketch.

Here is a pinmap of CY7C65211 chip –

We need following pins to be connected to Atmega328p for making a CyDuino –

But, unfortunately the DTR pin has no breakout to the edges.

Here is where I made a hardware hack. Scratch and remove the silkscreen and bring out a connection for DTR.

The Goodies

Here is an image of the finished project –

It’s a ready to go board for Light, Sound, Temperature, Vibration, IR/Laser/Bluetooth Communication related projects.

Also, you can remove the jumpers from pin headers to disconnect on board sensors and connect to external components !


  • Programmable USB-Serial module
  • Removable Microcontroller
  • Touch+Push User Switches
  • LDR Light Sensor
  • Thermistor Temperature Sensor
  • Peizo Vibration Sensor
  • Laser Long Range Indication
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (optional)
  • IR Receiver
  • Buzzer

Step 1 : Program the USB-Serial Bridge Controller

First, get a 4$ CY8CKIT-049 PSOC 4 Prototyping kit .Schematic CyDuino An Arduino Dev Board with Lots of Goodies

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Next, we connect the Snapped part to PCs USB Port !

Also, Download and Install Cypress USBSerialSDKSetup

If everything goes well and drivers are installed for the chip, inside Windows device manager USB Serial Port will appear –

For more detail: CyDuino : An Arduino Dev Board with Lots of Goodies

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