Cree LMH2 LED Module Versus Traditional CFL Options

The Cree LMH2 LED Module provides unparalleled efficacy and light quality in a fully integrated module. Utilizing Cree’s True White Technology, the LMH2 provides beautiful 90 plus CRI lights in 4000 Kelvin, 3500 Kelvin, 3000 Kelvin, and 2700 Kelvin color temperatures. In addition, the LMH2 delivers 97 LPW efficacy across all CCT and lumen options.

Cree LMH2 LED Module Versus Traditional CFL Options

There are two lens options. The flat lens provides an 82 Degree Beam Angle while the Dome lens provides a 100 Degree Beam Angle. In addition, there is a Unique Driver Compatibility Program that provides a list of tested and recommended drivers for the LMH2. There is also a 5-year warranty on the module, even for those utilizing a third party driver. Finally, the aluminum housing provides tremendous thermal design flexibility.


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