Complete 5A step-down Regulator

LTM4625 – 20VIN, 5A Step-Down DC/DC μModule Regulator


  • Complete Solution in <1cm2 (Single-Sided PCB) or 0.5cm2 (Dual-Sided PCB)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4V to 20V
  • Input Voltage Down to 2.375V with External Bias
  • 0.6V to 5.5V Output Voltage
  • 5A DC Output Current
  • ±1.5% Maximum Total DC Output Voltage Error Over Line, Load and Temperature

Complete 5A step-down Regulator

  • Current Mode Control, Fast Transient Response
  • External Frequency Synchronization
  • Multiphase Parallel Current Sharing with Multiple LTM4625s
  • Output Voltage Tracking
  • Selectable Discontinuous Mode
  • Power Good Indicator
  • Overvoltage, Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection
  • 6.25mm × 6.25mm × 5.01mm BGA Package


For more detail: Complete 5A step-down Regulator

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