Arduino simulator using Proteus as project simulation

Barebone Arduino in Proteus

I use Proteus design a Barebone Arduino:

Arduino simulator Schematic

▲ Barebone Arduino

The Barebone Arduino pin completely modeled on the Arduino UNO and Duemilanove:

Download Sample ardduino Simulation design file

Arduino simulator

▲ Arduino UNO

I have a bad memory, not remember the the Arduino with ATmega328P between, pin correspondence between the Proteus simulation before Arduino ATmega328P with Arduino pin corresponding figure had often had to check very troublesome. With this Barebone Arduino, you want to simulate Arduino much more convenient.

The Barebone Arduino design file ( BareboneArduino.dsn ), under the URL:

Proteus Design Suite Version 8

Proteus 8 is the result of over three years development with a consistent focus on product integration. It includes:

  • A new application framework lets you view modules of Proteus as tabs in a single window or, via drag and drop, as separate windows for a side-by-side view
  • A new common parts database enables sharing of information between schematic and PCB so that changes to data are instantly reflected across the software.
  • A new live netlist means changes to connectivity in the schematic can be instantly reflected in the PCB, the Bill of Materials and the Design Explorer.
  • The new integrated VSMStudio IDE binds your firmware project to your schematic design and Active Popups bring the schematic into your VSMStudio debug session.
How to use the Barebone Arduino?

Very simple.

If you want to use the Digital Output pins connected Actuators, for example, connected to pin 13 on a LED, to do so:

Arduino simulator Circuit

If you use the Digital Input pins connected Sensors, for example, pin 2 connected to a Button to do so:

Arduino simulator circuit 1

If you want to use the Analog Input pins connected Sensors, such as Analog pin 0 (A0) then a variable resistor, then you do so:

Arduino simulator Circuit 2

In addition, I Barebone Arduino put a Virtual Terminal (VT), VT’s role, as the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor, so if your program will use Serial communication, then you can open the VT to observe and test Serial communication:

Arduino simulator Schematic 1

▲ In the simulation, point “Debug> Virtual Terminal” to open the Virtual Terminal


For more detail: Arduino simulator using Proteus as project simulation

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