Arduino controlled Interactive wallpiece

This project is a subset of my idea of an interactive wall.. so this is an interactive wall-piece..

What does it do ?   Mine is a touch activated light display.

How does it work?  It is controlled by an Arduino UNO which senses the inputs and turns on the respective outputs.

Step 1: Building the touch sensor

If u have an Arduino board, building a touch sensor is a cakewalk..

U dont need ny external hardware to get the sensing functionality.

All u need to do is upload the following code on ur board, turn on ur serial monitor and then touch the metallic wire to see the change in the value.  🙂

What does the code do?  It returns the time that the pin takes to discharge. When it is touched, it takes more time to discharge. U need to adjust the threshold to currectly identify a touch.
Arduino controlled Interactive wallpiece

Even If u cant understand the function which calculates the value of the pin, it is perfectly ok..  There are only 2 modifications needed according to ur design.
1) The number of touch sensing u want
2) Threshold setting

Here’s a lil shaky video about how u can see the difference in the capacitance value of a pin when u touch it.  <my camera wasn able to focus well so>
Lemme explain what happens in the video. When the pin is not touched, I get the value 1 at the pin [as can b seen on the serial monitor]. When the pin is touched, the value goes higher than one, depending on how much u press the wire. Again when released, the pin value goes back to one.

Once the sensing goes well, we build the whole contraption!

Step 2: Build the design

We shall first see the simpler one, which is the steel colored Robo.

Function : Touch anywhere on the face and the eyes glow.
Touch anywhere on its shield and see the ‘A’ glow.

For building the Robo, I used thin metallic sheets of silver color.

The connections are simple. Just connect a thin metal wire from the sensor areas [2 in this case: face and shield] to any of  Arduino digital pins 8 to 12. [They say even 13 works but my trials found it wasnt as reliable as other pins]

Connect the 2 blue LEDs together [for the eyes] and connect the ground to the common Arduino Ground and the Positive supply wire to other Arduino digital pins [3 through 7 were the pins where I connected the outputs and 8 through 12 were the input pins]

Sorry got no pics of the robo while it was built..

Now we go through the building of the flower piece contraption. Its a lil tricky!


For more detail: Arduino controlled Interactive wallpiece

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