Arduino Controlled CNC / 3D Printer

The BilderBerg is finally here … oops … sorry, i meant the BuildersBot πŸ™‚

The objective of this instructable is to guide your way throw the entire making process of building a BuildersBot machine. An Arduino controlled CNC Router that can also perform 3D printing.

The instructions will cover all areas such as, mechanics, electronics and software.

But before you go any further take a look at machine’s design:

And also the machine in action:

And finally check out the Pimp My BuildersBot video:

Arduino Controlled CNC  3D Printer

Step 1: The BuildersBot OpenDesign (Sketchup)

Download the attached sketch file to access the BuildersBot OpenSource Design. The design is in metric system and is in 1 by 1 scale.

Step 2: Understanding the 3 Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System

Before we get started, a brief explanation on the 3 dimensional Cartesian coordinate system:

β€œThe 3 dimensional Cartesian coordinate system consists of three number lines, labeled X, Y and Z, set at 90 degree angles to each other. The origin, is where the three axes cross each other.”

The BuildersBot works/moves within a 3 dimensional Cartesian coordinate System, allowing the machine to position its tool (drill bit or hot end) in any location inside the 3 dimensional work space.

The X axis will move the tool from left to right, the Y axis will move the tool from back to forth and finally the Z axis will move the tool up and down inside the work area.

In summary: The 3 dimensional work space is mapped using XYZ coordinates, this means that we can precisely control the position of the tool holder inside the work space.

Step 3: The BuildersBot Stainless Steel Frame

The objective: Build a chassi frame made from rectangular and square stainless steel tubes.

The chassis is composed by 11 stainless steel parts (for dimensions consult the 3d sketch).
– 4 rectangular tubes on the bottom of the chassis
– 4 square tubs positioned vertically
– 3 rectangular tubes on the top frame



For more detail: Arduino Controlled CNC / 3D Printer

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