AllPixel – USB Interface For All Your LED Needs

Control of up to 680 pixels on any of the popular LED strips from any device with a USB port! One controller to rule them all!

Stretch Goals!

$15,000: More Supported Chipsets – In addition to the currently supported chipsets, we will add 4 more!

  • APA102
  • APA104
  • LPD1886
  • P9813 (Total Control Lighting)

$30,000: Multi-Board Support in the BiblioPixel Library!

  • Seamless support for multiple AllPixel boards connected to the same computer. Control multiple separate displays as if they were one!


Working with addressable LED strips, we’ve found that the extra components required to communicate with and power them complicate designs and limit the options for how they can be used. Each chipset requires its own special protocol and supporting hardware components. This is where the AllPixel comes in. Think of it as a video card for your LED strips.

The AllPixel is a small (2.7″ x 0.9″), device that provides easy USB control of all the major programmable LED strips. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms, and capable of driving up to 680 LEDs at high frame rates. The following chipsets are currently supported:

  • LPD8806
  • WS2801
  • WS2812 (NeoPixel)
  • WS2811 (400 kHz)
  • TM1809/TM1804
  • TM1803
  • UCS1903
  • SM16716


For more detail: AllPixel – USB Interface For All Your LED Needs

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