741 Op-Amp Kit

Open Analog is an organization dedicated to exciting makers about analog hardware. We make popular ICs into transistor level kits!


-07/25/14 Seeedstudio partnership announcement

-07/28/14 Added new rewards!

-07/29/14 Added a $5K stretch goal for developing 555 Kit for release Dec 2014

-07/29/14 Partnered with Acrobotic for manufacturing and distribution of SevenFortyFun Kits and future Open Analog Kits. They will be the supplier of kits to Kickstarter backers!

741 Op-Amp Kit

-07/30/14 Rev 1.0 as an Inverting Operational Amplifier. Input is a 1KHz sine wave. Gain set to 10.

Blue = Output

Open Analog is about open source analog hardware. We take popular Integrated Circuits and turn them into transistor level PCB kits. This campaign is mainly to fund the second revision of our SevenFortyFun kit which you can check out at http://openanalog.brace.io


For more detail: 741 Op-Amp Kit

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