7 alternative hacker boards

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great, well-utilized DIY boards for hacking just about anything you want to design. But if you’re looking for an alternate hacker board, here are seven that Steve Nelson, Freescale’s director of ecosystem and marketing programs, presented at this week’s Designers of Things (DoT) conference.

7 alternative hacker boards

With some starting below the $20 mark, these Freescale-enabled, alternative hacker boards are community-supported and allow the transition to low-cost commercial volume manufacturing while still being compatible and easy-to-use, according to Nelson.

Overall, Nelson advises keeping 5 “S” thoughts in mind when choosing a board: Simplicity, as in ease of installation and operation; Staying power, meaning will it hold its value over time with consumers; Stability, questioning if a board needs regular rebooting or updating; Security as a factor in design; and Standards for compatibility regardless of the manufacture.


For more detail: 7 alternative hacker boards

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