7-42VDC to USB Supply/Charger


Having to use a Raspberry Pi and other USB Devices in an electronics production environment where 5V isn’t standard, I have noticed a lack of power supplies capable of fitting in. A unit had to be designed to fit into systems where 12V & 24V are the norm or where batteries / solar panels etc are the only supply method available.

7 42VDC to USB Supply Charger


Using only high performance parts, a solution was prototyped to meet this criteria. Only a few tweaks are needed to improve spacings, add mounting holes and to make the board completely production ready. The unit has a tiny form factor, only 56×21.5mm, meaning it is small enough to travel around with you.

First Prototype

Battery powered robots, adapting an old 9 or 12V wall charger, powering your Arduino / Raspberry pi in-car project, a simple and easy solution is here.


The power supply has been designed to power/charge the following devices:

– Raspberry Pi
– Arduino Boards
– iDevices
– Mobile Phones
– Other 5V USB Devices up to 2A constant draw

Raspberry Pi Compatible


The power supply is constructed using high quality parts, to ensure long life and great stability in your application:


For more detail: 7-42VDC to USB Supply/Charger

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