TinyGlo – Your own firefly light show anytime

Your own firefly light show anytime

Watching fireflies is one my most memorable childhood events.  Every summer, I would look forward to watching fireflies dance with their seemingly random blinks.  I marveled at how a living creature could produce light all on its own.  Even today as I share this experience with my children, I look forward to each season of fireflies.


TinyGlo was made to continue the experience of watching fireflies well after the firefly season has ended.  Instead of having to wait another year to see them again, you can now bring the firefly like light show into your home and have a similar memorizing light show every evening.

TinyGlo spends most of its life sleeping and only wakes up long enough to produce a mild yellow/green glow, then back to sleep.  This allows TinyGlo to put on a show night after night as it sleeps all during the day, preserving battery power.  When TinyGlo does require charging, it is a simple matter of plugging each of them into a standard USB port.  A full charge cycle takes about an hour and TinyGlo is ready to go for another few weeks of putting on great light shows.

About the hardware

Each TinyGlo has an integrated light sensor to know daytime from nighttime.  Once nighttime has been detected, the light show can begin.  After a set amount of time, TinyGlo will end the show and sleep until daylight is seen again to reset and wait for nighttime again.  This cycle continues perpetually, until the battery needs charging.  Battery charging is handled via a dedicated lithium ion charge management system to ensure safe charging and provide feedback regarding the state of the recharging process.  TinyGlo requires a standard LIR2450 lithium ion rechargeable coin cell battery which is available from many stores that sell coin cell batteries.

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For more detail: TinyGlo – Your own firefly light show anytime

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