The Intel Curie Wearable Using Arduino

Unleashing Wearable Device Innovation

The Intel® Curie™1 module is the first platform of its kind from Intel—a complete low-power solution designed for companies interested in developing wearable technology solutions. The Intel® Curie™ module packs a robust set of features into its tiny size that are ideal for “always-on” applications such as social media, sports, and fitness activities. This can enable efficient and intelligent wearable solutions for a broad range of form factors—including rings, bags, bracelets, pendants, fitness trackers, even buttons.
The Intel Curie Wearable
At its core is Intel’s first purpose built wearable SoC, the Intel® Quark™ SE SoC, that can run for extended periods from a coin-sized battery and features motion sensor, Bluetooth* radio, and battery charging capabilities.

To speed the development of wearable products based on the Intel® Curie™ module, Intel is providing a complete software solution that includes a small and efficient real-time operating system (RTOS) together with reference wearable applications called Intel® IQ Software kits. The Intel® IQ Software kits include the embedded software that runs on this module together with companion smartphone applications and associated cloud capabilities.

These versatile features help meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Key Features

•       A low-power, 32-bit Intel® Quark™ SE SoC

•       384kB Flash memory, 80kB SRAM

•       A low-power integrated DSP sensor hub with a proprietary pattern matching accelerator

•       Bluetooth* Low Energy

•       6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope

•       Battery charging circuitry (PMIC)

Intel disclosed plans for the Intel® Curie™ module at CES January 6, 2015. Read the press release or FAQ.


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