Tesla Truck: A Mobile-Maker Space for the Masses!

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We’re a group of engineers, educators, and published researchers. Over the last year, we’ve helped high schoolers and middle schoolers in New York City bring to life previously abstract concepts like algebra, capacitance in a circuit, and gravity. We wanted them to take this abstract material and turn it into something that they could interact with and form lasting attitudes about. We did this by helping them apply what they had learned to build projects like robots, quadcopters, water purifiers, hovercrafts, and more.

Tesla Truck

However, we quickly realized that in a world being propelled by technology and engineering, a lot of schools and communities across the country lacked the necessary resources to keep up.

With budget cuts and dwindling space and resources becoming common place, achieving a means of sustaining hands-on learning and making are harder and harder to come by.


For more detail: Tesla Truck: A Mobile-Maker Space for the Masses!

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