The Word Clock Arduino version

************************************************************************** Major updates - A much better enclosure for this clock has been designed - check out ************************************************************************** Last month I wanted to build a special gift for my beautiful wife, Megan.  She has a teaching background in English, so ...

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Word Clock in German using Arduino

While in Germany last year, I saw a world clock in a store similar to this one in a store that was priced at 900€. I read several instructables online on how to create a World Clock so I decided to give it a shot. I want to thank the following Instructables that I used as a starting point to create mine: drj113's The Wordclock Grew Up! - An excellent tutorial that was the wiring foundation for my clock's PC ...

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Personalised Word Clock using Arduino

Build a unique personalised gift that’s cool and reflects the character of the recipient. What’s different about this Word Clock is that it is small enough to sit on a bedside desk, displays the recipients name and has personalised messages that appear at different times ie. Happy Birthday, Carpe Diem, Good Morning or whatever you choose. Great for people of all ages who enjoy something a little unique. Ple ...

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