Wii Nunchuck Arduino

Wii Nunchuck Arduino Spirit Level

Thanks to: http://jeonlab.wordpress.com/ Since I have read an article on todbot blog, I bought a couple of Wii Nunchucks from ebay. I don’t remember how much I paid for them, but it was much cheaper than buying the accelerometer breakout boards. With the nunchuck data reading library shared by todbot (Thanks!), I could easily read the accelerometer data …

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Wii Nunchuck Arduino adapter

Wii Nunchuck Arduino Tutorial

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Why Wii Nunchuck Arduino? You can create and build endless electronics design and project with the powerful Arduino, for example a robot. By attaching Wii Nunchuck Arduino, you create the opportunity to control Arduino using the way we most familiar with, the way we play games! Not to mention, Wii Nunchuck is cheap (~5 US …

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