Wii Nunchuck Adapter

This tutorial is for all those people who have an arduino and want to use there Wii nunchuck as an input device, but dont realy feel like cutting open the cord and ruining the nunchuck FOREVER!!!!!!!!well youve come to the right place! Step 1: Supplies These are the supplies you will need most can be found at radioshack and at hardware stores. if you cant find any etchant solution i made my own on STEP 6. + ...

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Wii Nunchuck Arduino Spirit Level

Thanks to: http://jeonlab.wordpress.com/ Since I have read an article on todbot blog, I bought a couple of Wii Nunchucks from ebay. I don't remember how much I paid for them, but it was much cheaper than buying the accelerometer breakout boards. With the nunchuck data reading library shared by todbot (Thanks!), I could easily read the accelerometer data for a Wii Nunchuck as well as the joystick and two but ...

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Wii Nunchuck Arduino Tutorial

Why Wii Nunchuck Arduino? You can create and build endless electronics design and project with the powerful Arduino, for example a robot. By attaching Wii Nunchuck Arduino, you create the opportunity to control Arduino using the way we most familiar with, the way we play games! Not to mention, Wii Nunchuck is cheap (~5 US dollars), and it also has three-axis accelerometer for motion sensing, which is very u ...

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