In the world of Internet of Things, it’s easy enough to get something connected to the Internet. But what should you use to communicate with and control it? There are many standards and tools available, but the best choice is always to use the tools you have on hand. [Victor] found himself in this situation, and found that the best way to control an Internet-connected car was to use the Flask server he alre ...

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Voice Recognition System using arduino

Contents 1 Team Members 2 Mentor 3 Concept 4 Softwares Used 5 circuits 5.1 Pre Amp circuit 5.1.1 Circuit Diagram 5.1.2 Working 5.2 EEPROM circuit 5.3 Led Matrix display circuit 6 Algorithm for silence & noise removal 6.1 Pre-Emphasis 6.2 Silence and Noise Removal 6.2.1 Idea 6.2.2 Implementation 7 Codebook Formation 7.1 Database 7.2 Main Algorithm 7.2.1 Common Procedure Normalization DWT ...

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