Smallest IoT Home Automation using ESP8266 – 01 with Videos (Hindi & English)

In this project, we will be using the ESP8266 – 01 Wi-Fi Development board to make asmall home automation that has Wi-Fi featured in it. The system operates on a local web server and is easy to use for the novice. With this project, we can control at most two AC appliances which suit best for your small IoT projects. Espressif developed Wi-Fi enabled microchip – ESP8266 proved to be a boon in the IoT field. ...

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Home Automation using Bluetooth of ESP32 with Videos (Hindi & English)

In this project, we will be dealing with the inbuilt Bluetooth feature in ESP32 Development board and try to build an application around it. The Bluetooth system can be divided into two different categories: Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). ESP32 supports dual-mode Bluetooth, meaning that both Classic Bluetooth and BLE are supported by ESP32. Here, we will contr ...

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