PCB layout tips for thermal vias

I came across an article on PCB layout in Electronic Design magazine. It’s a pretty good article and I am glad to see the trade magazines realize we care as much about PCB layout as the bus-caching architecture of some DSP chip. The article talks about using vias to take heat away from the die-attach-paddle (DAP) of integrated circuits: To reduce operating temperatures easily, use more layers of solid groun ...

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Making PCB Vias using conductive ink

One year ago some personal problems forced us to interrupt our hobby work, but fortunately we are back and we found some time to develop new ideas, projects and writings. At this moment we are starting the first feasibily testing of an innovative 3D printing method that we've named Resin Deposition Modelling (RDM). Personally I also hope it will be useful for 3D printing electronics using conductive resins. ...

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