LED Umbrella with Arduino using arduino

The LED Umbrella with Arduino combines an umbrella, an 8x10 LED matrix and an Arduino microcontroller to create a controllable, programmable LED experience in the privacy of your own umbrella. This project was inspired by the Electric Umbrella by sockmaster and a number of LED matrix instructables on this site, particularly this very complete one by barney_1. Anyone undertaking this project should ...

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Pressure Activated Light-Up Umbrella using an Arduino

Once upon a time, 2 girls greatly enjoyed walking in the rain with umbrellas. They decided the enjoyment of this experience could be maximized by building their own pressure-activated web of LEDs to install under their umbrella. Thus, with the help of an Arduino, some 4051 multiplexers, a lot of wire and a lot of solder, they set off on their path to success. Step 1: Materials List Just based on size, we de ...

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