Arduino: Making a set of traffic lights

THIS PROJECT IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS FEEDBACK APPRECIATED!!!This tutorial will step you through the process of creating a set of controlable and configurable traffic lights whilst also teaching you the basics of Arduino. Some knowledge is needed and I highly recommend reading and following through on most if not all of the pages of the following document, created by the wonderful people! Ardu ...

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Simple Arduino Traffic Lights

Have you ever made a city out of Legos? I know i have built many of them but they all missed something... Traffic lights! So i decided to make my very own traffic light setup from my arduino board. Step 2: Get the components I assume you already have an adruino board, and maybe also a Protoshield. You'll need the LED's and resistors the 220 Ohm resistors are color coded so: Red, Red, Brown Step 3: Hook up t ...

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