Arduino – Theremin with 7 Segment LED Display

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a simple toy that combination of the LEDs flash and Theremin. We're gonna using some basic electronics built on top of an Arduino. The basic idea of 7 Segment LED Display was from Enjoying Electronics. The original Enjoying Electronics article is here, you can get more details of explanation about making 7 Segment LED Display there. The basic idea was to use ...

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Ping Organ using an Arduino

I was trying to think of a quick toy I could build for my kids.  I came up with this idea of an ultrasonic range finder, an Arduino, and a speaker.  Basically the Arduino plays a tone out of the speaker based on the distance from the range finder.  The result works pretty well and can be built in minutes.  You can play this from anything from your entire body, to just your feet. ...

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