Tic-Tac TV Remote Jammer

That moment you take your eyes off the TV remote for just a second, because of which it falls into the hands of your annoying sibling. Yes, fighting for control over the TV is a daily struggle for many. But the TV Remote Jammer shown in this Instructable, will make everyone else stop dead in their tracks. This Remote Jammer circuit, in the disguise of an inconspicuous TicTac Box, sends a constant signal to ...

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Arduino based Tic Tac Toe with TV Remote

This was my first time attending the Internet of Things Pune Group. It was such a fun learning experience! At today's meetup, Dhiraj and Nishant started out by introducing the InduinoX and Arduino Uno boards along with the Processing IDE that is used to write the code. After playing around with couple of sensors on the InduinoX we thought of doing a micro project together and finally settled on doing a Tic ...

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