DS28EC20, A Serial 1-Wire 20Kb EEPROM

The American manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, Maxim Integrated, has developed a new serial EEPROM memory that operates from single-contact 1-wire interface. The DS28EC20 is a 20480-bit, 1-Wire® EEPROM organized as 80 memory pages of 256 bits each. An additional page is set aside for control functions. Data is written to a 32-byte scratchpad, verified, and then copied to the EEPRO ...

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Arduino Science Kit targets 11- to 14-year-olds

Those Gadget Masters who have school age children may be interested in this one: the Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab. The package been designed to support “scientific exploration” for school kids between 11 and 14. Experiment with forces, motion, magnetism, and conductivity. Students will make their own hypothesis like real scientists, then check their assumptions, and log data thanks to Google’s Science Jo ...

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