Arduino Wattmeter: Measure Voltage, Current and Power Consumption

As electronics engineers, we always depend upon meters/instruments to measure and analyse the working of a circuit. Starting with a simple multimeter to a complex power quality analysers or DSOs everything has their own unique applications. Most of these meters are readily available and can be purchased based on the parameters to be measured and their accuracy. But sometimes we might end up in a situation w ...

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LC Meter using Arduino: Measuring Inductance and Frequency

All embedded lovers are familiar with multimeter which a great tool to measure voltage, current, resistance etc. A multimeter can measure them easily. But sometimes we need to measure inductance and capacitance which is not possible with a normal multimeter. There are some special multimeters that can measure inductance and capacitance but they are costly. We already built Frequency Meter, Capacitance Meter ...

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