How to build an Arduino synth

This is a super simple and easily customizable little synthesizer. This is my first time using the Arduino and also with acrylic, both I found very fun to work with though.  This is also my first Instructables so hopefully I have explained this well enough. Step 1: Part and tools For the innards: Arduino Uno power source(I used a 9v with an adapter) 4- 5k linear potentiometers 200mm linear SoftPot(you can g ...

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DIY Arduino Nebulophone Synth

I originally wanted to purchase a Nebulophone but, my El-Cheapo price range didn't like the tag. I realized that I could program my own AtMega 328 by using ArduinoISP Then I found out that if the code was Arduino compatible, why not just use the Arduino as a Nebulophone? Well it was kind of a waste of Arduino but at least I could simplify circuitry. I recently built my DoAnything Shield and could now have a ...

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Auduino Lo-fi Synth for Arduino

Hello again. Today I'd like to show you the Auduino. That's right, the Auduino is a Lo-fi Granular Synth that works on arduino. It uses some analog pins and a digital pin. I had loads of fun making and playing with it so I'd love to show you how to make it. Sketch created by Peter Knight, For more information please visit the website. I hope you are already familiarized with the ...

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