Simple SSR has zero-cross on/off switching

This Design Idea is a solid state relay (SSR) which uses a triac to switch AC loads at high current. There are plenty of simple SSR circuits available, but this may be the simplest circuit that achieves turn-on and turn-off only when the AC line voltage is near zero. Transistor Q2 acts as a clamp to disable the SCR gate drive voltage when the AC line is above about 15V. When the line voltage is below that v ...

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Remote Controlled Switching

Vision The aim of our project is to be able to control a electrical switching process using a remote.The idea is to come up with an alternative to the conventional electric switch boards, using a wireless control mechanism, in an economic way.In other words, an Electric Switch Board is to be designed in which the switching is controlled by a remote.These kind of switchboards could replace the old ones and u ...

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