NESBot: Arduino Powered Robot beating Super Mario Bros for the NES

This guide will take you through the steps to build an NES playing robot You will need: An Arduino Duemilanove (other boards will probably work, but you will have to adjust the steps for your device) Working NES Console Super Mario Bros. (Note: this must be only the single game, not the two- or three-in-one cartridge) A controller you can cut the cord from Two LEDs (two different colors are recommended but ...

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LED Super Mario Piranha Plant using an Arduino

We are going to make an Arduino control LED Piranha Plant :] Step 1: What you'll need Arduino Uno 9 Resisters 9 LEDs - Red, Yellow, Orange is best since they need less amperage PIR sensor 9v battery arduino wall plug (you'll be cutting the connection so that you can connect it to the battery. 12v plug in will over heat the arduino) LOTS of wire Plant plot of your choice - plastic is easiest 8in styrofom bal ...

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