Arduino Skateboard Speedometer

Using an Arduino, it is easy to make a speedometer/tachometer for virtually any man-powered vehicle. I made one for my skateboard that used a small magnet to count revolutions and utilized an LCD display screen.  This Instructable will show you how you can do the same step by step. You will need a few things …

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Self-balancing skateboard/segw*y project Arduino Shield

General purpose Arduino shield for self-balancing machines. Why did I make it? I previously made an Instructable in 2010 on how to build a self-balancing skateboard. There are >500 comments on this and many express confusion setting up the balance sensors, software and electronics. On top of that, the analog output inertial measurement units …

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LED Skateboard Rubiks Cube

This project uses LED lights controlled by an accelerometer and gyroscope to challenge your skateboarding creativity. The LED lights change according to what trick is being performed. For example, a shuvit (180-degree yaw rotation) changes the lights blue. a kickflip (360-degree roll) changes the color to red. when both tricks are done simultaneously (varial flip) …

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