Arduino Skateboard Speedometer

Using an Arduino, it is easy to make a speedometer/tachometer for virtually any man-powered vehicle. I made one for my skateboard that used a small magnet to count revolutions and utilized an LCD display screen.  This Instructable will show you how you can do the same step by step. You will need a few things before we get started. 1) A man-powered vehicle (I will be using a skateboard) 2) An Arduino 3) A pl ...

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Self-balancing skateboard/segw*y project Arduino Shield

General purpose Arduino shield for self-balancing machines. Why did I make it? I previously made an Instructable in 2010 on how to build a self-balancing skateboard. There are >500 comments on this and many express confusion setting up the balance sensors, software and electronics. On top of that, the analog output inertial ...

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