Lab 8: Shift Register and Binary

Topics: First Build The Circuit The Code Hardware Theory Overview-"Rollover Rollover" What is a Shift Register How the Arduino Controls the Shift Register Software Theory The shiftOut Function Binary Numbers Other Functions in the Code Exercise References 1. First Build It would be a really good idea to build this circuit before going to the lab because it is time consuming to connect all of the wires. 1.1 ...

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Getting more I/O pins on ATTiny with Shift Registers

If you previously worked(or currently working) with small 8-bit microcontrollers, like ATTiny or PIC12, you've probably encountered a fundamental problem of not having enough GPIO pins for your needs or project requirements. Upgrading to a larger MCU is only one of the options, but as usual there is an alternative. In this article I will explain how to use shift registers in some common situations in order ...

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