With the ID3LA RFID module it´s possible to read a tag up to 30cm

As we know, RFID module range is expressively depending on a size and shape of the RFID antenna (coil). That´s why the module with a big antenna has a potentially bigger chance to reach a long range. This is exactly a case of the ID3LA module – working in a wider operating voltages range (2,8-5V) than its predecessor – the ID2 module. This enables its usage even with a 3.3V logic and also for example in bat ...

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Analog Read Serial using Arduino

This example shows you how to read analog input from the physical world using a potentiometer. A potentiometer is a simple mechanical device that provides a varying amount of resistance when its shaft is turned. By passing voltage through a potentiometer and into an analog input on your Arduino, it is possible to measure the amount of resistance produced by a potentiometer (or pot for short) as an analog va ...

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Digital Read Serial using Arduino

This example shows you how to monitor the state of a switch by establishing serial communication between your Arduino and your computer over USB. Hardware Required Arduino Board A momentary switch, button, or toggle switch 10k ohm resistor breadboard hook-up wire Circuit image developed using Fritzing. For more circuit examples, see the Fritzing project page   Connect three wires to ...

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