An Arduino Based Laser Rangefinder

Here we have it – an affordable Open Source Laser RangeFinder – OSLRF-01 from You can order it fully assembled and working or just PCB and optics (all other components have to find by Yourself). So next step is connect it somehow to something. At that moment I found just one sucsess story shared online – Arduino Scanning LIDAR by Michael Ball ...

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Homemade Infrared Rangefinder (Similar to Sharp GP2D120) using Arduino

Here is my instructable on how to construct a pretty simple (for some!) short range infrared rangefinder/range sensor. Infrared rangefinders are very useful in a number of projects. The majority of these come from obstacle detection (in robots) or generally detecting distances! The one shown here is only a simple rangefinder and will only really be able to measure about 6 or 7cm infront of the range finder. ...

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