Arduino + Processing – Make a Radar Screen – Part 3: Visualising the Data from Sharp Infrared Range Finder

So I had some luck with getting the Sharp Infrared range finder working and I’ve now plugged this on to my servo rig to see if I get better results on my radar styled display. Check out how to use the Sharp IR range finder here Few things to bare in mind, whilst the code is pretty much the same there are a few subtle differences. Firstly for better readings the Arduino code has a longer delay – but since we ...

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Arduino + Processing: Make a Radar Screen to Visualise Sensor Data from SRF-05 – Part 2: Visualising the Data

This is where all the work is done to read an interpret the values from the servo and the sensor. If the readings are to erratic then you won’t have nice shapes. Also if you don’t allow enough time to the signals to be sent back then you’ll get false distance readings. So this code is only as good as your Arduino code and sensor setup. Took me a few evenings to work this out to get it how I wanted, the hard ...

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Arduino + Processing – Make a Radar Screen to Visualise Sensor Data from SRF-05 – Part 1

First things first, we need to build our circuit. This is the easy bit! We’ll be using the Arduino to control a servo that will rotate our sensor around 180 degrees. The Arduino will then send the value from the distance sensor along with the current angle of the servo to the serial port. Before proceeding please take a moment to check out some of my other work with the SRF-05 and servos if you’re unfamilia ...

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