Frequency and Phase Locked Loops (PLL)

The purpose of a PLL is to generate a frequency and phase-locked output oscillation signal. To achieve this goal, prior art essentially functioned by frequently changing the PLL output frequency according to the phase error (i.e. the faster/slower phase relationship) to generate a momentary, but not static, frequency and phase locked output oscillation signal. This frequent back-and-forth change in VCO freq ...

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An FM Stereo Broadcaster PLL using Arduino

I have two good AM transmitters - one I'd built using a single 6888 Tube plus an old KnightKit Broadcaster that I'd refurbished, as well as a high-quality solid state transmitter from SSTRAN that I use to play music over the several antique AM radios I've repaired or refurbished. I wanted a high-quality FM Stereo transmitter to stream iPod / iTunes output around the house and to my FM-band radios. FM Stereo ...

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