1B – Arduino Project – Perry the Predator Pillow

The Team Kaitlin Schaer as scribe; Bryan Gardiner as tutor; Ruben Markowitz as designer; Anna Failla as integrator Introduction In a time where the logistics of sleep can be all too much to handle, there is a solution! There is a smarter pillow, a pillow that will wake you up just when you need to get your day started. Perry the Predator Pillow is an adorable yet creepy little friend that will help you out ...

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Clock Three – A pillow clock using Arduino

Time for another instalment in my irregular series of irregular clock projects. In contrast with the minimalism of Clock Two, in this article we describe how to build a different type of clock – using the “lilypad” style of Arduino-compatible board and components designed for use in e-textiles and wearable electronics. As the LilyPad system is new territory for us, the results have been somewhat agricultura ...

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