Hardware Protection – OverVoltage and OverCurrent

Three major power supply (Figure 1) architectures are defined for any engineer: 1.Linear Regulators. 2.Pulse width modulated switching (PWM). 3.High resonant technology switching. Some important parameters can described in the followig texts: Inputs: Vin(low), Vin(high) – minimum and maximum allowed input voltages, hence input voltage range. Iin(max) – maximum average input current. Outputs: Vout(min), Vout ...

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Send SMS from Arduino over the Internet using ENC28J60 and Thingspeak

This Instructable explains how to send an SMS from an Arduino using the Internet. There are many ways to approach this and I will explain one of the different methods used to accomplish this task. Some major points needed for my project: I have a standard Ethernet shield, and ENC28J60 Ethernet module, and I needed my program to work with both and also over a wifi connection (using the ESP8266 - I just order ...

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