Arduino Bluetooth Car Controlled by Labview

This is a Arduino RC car, originally based off of a project made by Owen_soo. It is very maneuverable, able to do quick turns, go backward and forward with just a flick of a switch. This was originally just going to be a very basic RC car that can go forward and turn right or left. It uses an Arduino Uno. I decided to change the software and use Labview instead. Step 1: Parts This are the necessary parts ne ...

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Major step for implantable drug-delivery device

An implantable, microchip-based device may soon replace the injections and pills now needed to treat chronic diseases: Earlier this month, MIT spinout Microchips Biotech partnered with a pharmaceutical giant to commercialize its wirelessly controlled, implantable, microchip-based devices that store and release drugs inside the body over many years. Invented by Microchips Biotech co-founders Michael Cima, th ...

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