Throwduino Basic – Light-Sensing Flashing Throwie

Throwies are great.  They have a minimal parts count - 2 or 3 depending on whether you use a magnet - and produce a great effect.  They are very cheap and easy but not highly efficient: 1)  They are on all the time, so on average they waste half of their energy shining during the day. 2)  A continuous light is not as visible as a flashing light. An interesting flash-pattern adds to the intrigue and can even ...

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Light Sensing LEDs using Arduino

I was recently reserching on LEDs and I stumbled upon this page as I read it I found that LEDs are not just used to emit light but the also have the ability to sense light.At first using LED as light sensor sounds complicated but it quiet quickly becomes clear. This is a fun project in which we will be experimenting with LEDs requires minimal parts. This instructable will explain you how to use a LED as sen ...

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