Control a DC motor with Arduino and L293D chip

This is a quick guide with a bit of extra info (pin configurations etc..) that I’ve learnt along the way on how to use the L293D with the Arduino, showing that we can: A) Use a supplemental power source to power the DC motor B) Use the L293D chip to drive the motor C) Use a switch to change the direction of the motor UPDATE: If you intend to use this for robotics then please check out this page here to get ...

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Arduino and L293D Robot ( Part 1 )

Here is part 1 of the Arduino and L293D Robot.This is part of a series of instructables leading to a Line follower Robot. This is a basic Robot made by controlling two motors via the L293D chip through an Arduino Board. I have done this project in the past with similar set up just not with an Arduino Board. Do let me know what you think of this project and if I made any mistakes. Step 1: Parts Arduino Board ...

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