Knock Detector

Introduction For the third assignment, we decided to make a 'knock-detector' that is capable of informing the user/owner of specific events. We designed our system such that it can detect both casual knocks and knock patterns. Casual knocks could be used to inform the owner/user that someone is at door, which may be particularly useful for the deaf or in situations where it is difficult to hear the knocking ...

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How to Build a (Piezo) Knock Sensor Circuit

In this article, we go over how to build a piezo knock sensor circuit. A knock sensor is a sensor which produces a voltage in response to some type of physical stress such as a knock or vibration. This is why it's called a knock sensor; it detects knocks. This sensor can be useful when you want a circuit to be able to respond to knocks that a user makes against them to turn on or off some load. For example, ...

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Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock using Arduino

Protect your secret hideout from intruders with a lock that will only open when it hears the secret knock. This started out as a bit of a joke project, but turned out to be surprisingly accurate at judging knocks. If the precision is turned all the way up it can even detect people apart, even if they give the same knock! (Though this does trigger a lot of false negatives, which is no fun if you're in a hurr ...

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