Make an Emoticon Jacket with LCD screen using Arduino

Concept: I would like to make a jacket that has a small LCD screen to create subtexts for interpersonal human interaction. The user would use a limited "keyboard" with force sensors and buttons under soft silicone keys to create computer textual subtitles to human interaction (textual emoticons, ie: :P). The dichotomy between personal interaction that occurs in physical space and that which occurs on a comp ...

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Arduino Noise Machine Jacket

As a project for one of my college classes, we were asked to create something using the Arduino. After a few different ideas, I settled on putting an Arduino noise machine into a suit jacket. It uses parts of the jacket to make function, so that it appears that the jacket is making sounds for no reason. The code that I used was from blinkyblinky, and can be found here. Using his project as the basis, its a ...

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